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The 2014 General Assembly session adjourned on March 8, 2014 without a biennial budget. The unresolved issue is whether or not to expand Medicaid. The Senate budget included the concept of Marketplace Virginia which would allow the Commonwealth to accept federal funds for Medicaid and allow participants to sign up with private insurers. The House of Delegates rejected the budget because it included Marketplace Virginia. Republicans in the House, and the majority in the Senate, do not want the state to participate in the program and are putting their political believes ahead of 400,000 uninsured working Virginians.

Governor McAuliffe has called a special session which began March 24th. The Governor presented his budget which overlays the budget that was presented by former Governor Bob McDonnell, but also includes Medicaid Expansion, salary increases for teachers (K-12, higher education), additional funding for pre-K, funding for the Line of Duty act, and funding for the Virginia Retirement System. The Medicaid Expansion program would be a two year pilot which will allow the state to take federal dollars covering 100% of the cost of the program. Why would anyone object to the state taking money that taxpaying Virginians are sending to Washington and apply it to this program which will allow 400,000 Virginians to receive medical coverage? Not expanding Medicaid can lead to hospitals closing, unemployment, businesses closing, etc. We must CLOSE THE COVERAGE GAP so that hardworking, taxpaying citizens can receive health coverage as do the members of the General Assembly. Call legislators and let them hear your thoughts.